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Decades of experience, since 1991 in the footwear world, Askari Shoes (AS) are professional manufacturers and well recognized suppliers of footwear specializing in combat and safety footwears.  Our products are supplied to Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies include, Army Navy, Air Force,
Police, Frontier Constabulary, Rangers. We have a very good record of exporting
to other countries.  We sincerely hope to continue expanding.

During the past half decade, we have strived with the best effort to transform our company from traditional factory into a modem business entity that we are today. This happened with addition of new German Technology and equipment and Q3 quality control management.  We put entire focus on enhancing shoe performance. i.e. to durability, to its looks, comfort

 Here in ASP, not only do we possess the most professional firm staff, but also the tradition of persistent improvement of manufacturing techniques to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.  We take pride in provision of quality products made in Pakistan.

 It gives us great confidence and satisfaction, when we successfully provide guaranteed service to our valued customer.


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It was an real incredible experience for me. The quality of shoes was only matched by the quality of service I got. Looking forward for a long term relationship with Asksri Shoes.
Sandra Alen

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